Featured Institutional Member of the Week: Cornell College

Posted: February 1, 2016

Cornell College

The Office of Intercultural Life aims to provide leadership to fulfill Cornell College's mission in appreciation of diversity, affirmation of equal opportunity and maintaining high academic standards.

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2016 ABCC Conference

2016 ABCC Conference

ABCC Holds 25th Anniversary Conference in Boston

25th Annual ABCC Conference

ACPA Executive Director Dr. Cindi Love, NASPA Senior Director of Educational Programs Tiki Ayiku, NADOHE President Dr. Ben Reese, Jr. and ABCC Founder/Executive Director Dr. Fred Hord participate in special plenary session during ABCC 25th anniversary conference in Boston.

The ABCC would like to thank everyone who attended our 25th anniversary conference in Boston co-hosted by Northeastern University and the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute.

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